Where to Hang Out with Your Sugar Daddy in Canberra?

Are you a sugar baby in Canberra? Do you want to find a cool place to hang out with your sugar daddy there? Canberra is an Australian city that is comprised of upscale restaurants, bars, hotels, and other exciting venues. Any one of them would be a great experience for a date with your sugar daddy. The next time you’re with your sugar daddy, try recommending one of these dating locations to him. You won’t regret it.

  • Molly – Cocktail Bar - Sugar dates are awesome when you each share a delicious cocktail. Molly is a friendly and relaxed cocktail bar in Canberra. It is the perfect place for you to date a sugar daddy when the two of you are just getting to know each other. The bar includes live music, superb customer service, and the finest choices of whiskeys that you will ever experience. It is very classy, which your sugar daddy can appreciate just as much as you do.

  • Courgette Restaurant - Courgette Restaurant is a classy dining environment in Canberra. It has a contemporary design where customers get to overlook a beautiful walled garden as they eat. The menu has modern European style food choices and some of the finest wines on the continent.

    Ask your sugar daddy to take you to the Courgette Restaurant. It will be a wonderful experience for both of you, especially if you love premium quality European food dishes. You can find everything from peppered venison to kangaroo loin fillet.

  • Jamala Wildlife Lodge - If the sugar daddy is willing to be adventurous and not worry about the expense of a hotel, then you should ask him to take you to the Jamala Wildlife Lodge. This is a deluxe 5-star hotel that gives you amenities that other hotels in Canberra do not offer.

    How would you like to stay in a room which gives you an up-close view of a real grizzly bear? How about a water tank filled with exotic marine life? Well, the Jamala Wildlife Lodge is basically like a hotel inside of a zoo. It only has 18 rooms, but they all come with up-close views of various animals and sea creatures. What could be more exciting than that?

    Imagine a bear watching you and your sugar daddy through a strong window as the two of you take a bath together. That would give you a real thrill, wouldn’t it?

  • Australian National Botanic Gardens - The Australian National Botanic Gardens is 50 hectares of beautiful vegetation and gardens. You’ll see butterflies, birds, and a variety of different plant species. This is another great place for you and a sugar daddy to walk around and talk as you observe all the natural beauty around you both.


When you hang out with your sugar daddy in Canberra for the first time, it is best to choose a relaxing environment where you both can feel comfortable. If you’re planning a long-term arrangement, then you two should get to know each other. He can find out about your financial struggles, and you can learn about his desires and wishes. That way, you both know where each other stands.

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